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History of our expansion in air conditioners and power generators market.

Our Company

Telair is a European Company with Head Quarter in Italy and other seats in Germany and in France. It was founded in the 1997 from the company Teleco, Leader Manufacturer in Europe for Automatic satellite Antenna, with the intentions to extend his product range in a new market that was in strong expansion, as the air conditioners and power generators market for motor homes and caravans.

All the productions were made in the Telair factory in Italy for several years. A very advanced RD department was continuously developing new models of air conditioners  with very flat profile, low noise and with the best technology available. In short time the brand Telair was very well known in the European market and became official supplier of many important Manufacturers of Motor Home and Caravans with huge increasing of sales. To follow the sales it was necessary to increase the production and Telair decided to give a look to some manufacturers in China.

In the 2003 start a very strong partnership with the company Well Pal in Ningbo. All the production of the air conditioners was moved in China but the Development and the design of every product was still in charge of the Telair RD department in Italy. In the 2015 the market was asking for more products and, in the meantime, Telair decided that it was time to enter directly in the RV market in China. For this reason, was built a new factory, still in partnership with Well Pall, much more modern and with a very strict Quality control system made by European Management.

The RD department in Italy still continue to design new products and with the new advanced Temperature Room is able to make any kind of test on the air conditioners, to guaranty a very high quality and reliability of all the production.

Reliability & Quality Control

A strict Quality Control System during the production make the products very reliable and nearly free of defects. Before to arrive in production, every new model has to pass under very strict test of stress and duration.

Service and Training

Telair technicians are available for the full day to support and to solve any problem to the customers. With the intent to reach a perfect partnership with our customers and to improve their professionalism, we make every month special technical trainings.

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