Energy 2510B Petrol

Petrol generators.

Energy 2510B Petrol

Super-silent petrol generators with Yamaha engine, contained in a soundproofed metal casing.

Fully automatic electronic starter system with remote control panel and a 5 metre long cable, including:

  • total and partial hour counter
  • oil and petrol level indicator lights
  • over heating indicator with automatic engine stop.

Built-in battery charger, 12 Volts/10A.

Pull out drawer for easy generator maintenance.

The ASP panel allows automatic power-on/power off if the generator is connected to a battery charger (230/12 Volt) with the corresponding battery.

Technical features

Engine Yamaha MZ 175
2 poles alternator Synchron
Max. power output 2,5 KW- 230V
10 A /12Vdc
Frequency 50 HZ
Starting Electric/Manual
Noise level 58 dBA (7m)
Max. consumption 1,2 lt/h
Dimensions 29,5 x 55,5 x 38,5 cm
Weight 56 kg


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